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How Did Mark Zuckerberg Create Facebook? (Biography)

In This Post, Mark Zuckerberg's Biography Is Described In Hindi In A Very Wonderful Way, I Hope You Will Like This Post Very Much.
Mark Zuckerberg, CO-Founder And CEO Of Facebook, A Social Networking Site, Is Today One Of The Largest Youngest Billionaires In The World.


Mark Zuckerberg Created Social Networking Facebook In His College Hostel Room. Mark Zuckerberg Became A Billionaire As Soon As More Than 250 Millions Of Users Started Growing On Facebook. And With This, A Film Called "The Social Network" Was Made On Facebook's Biography. And Today Facebook Is The Most Used Social Networking Site In The World.
Early Life Of Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg Was Born On 14 May 1984 In White Plains, New York. Mark's Father, Edward Zuckerberg, Is A Dentist And Mother, Karen Zuckerberg, Is A Psychiatrist.
Mark Has Been Very Interested In Programming In Elementary School. When Mark Was About 12 Years Old, He Created A Messaging Program Using Atari BASIC, Which Mark Named "Zucknet". Mark's Father Used This Program In His Dental Office So That The Welcoming Patient (Who Is Standing Outside The Dentist's Office) Could Come Into The Room To Inform A New Patient Without Shouting.
The Zucknet Program That Mark Had Created Was Used By Mark's Entire Family To Interact Indoors.
Then After That Mark Along With His Friend Made A Computer Game For Entertainment.
To Maintain Mark's Growing Interest In Computers, Mark's Parents Hired Personal Computer Teacher "David Newma" To Come Home Once Every Week And Work With Mark.
Not Only This, Mark Also Created An Intelligent Media MP3 Player In His Secondary School Which Used To Make The List Of An MP3 Player, In This List, The User's Activity Would Automatically Create The MP3 List That Users Want To Listen To.

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg Got The Idea To Make FaceMash On A Summer Evening. Mark Decided To Hack Harvard's Database Where College Students Also Upload Their Profile Photos. Mark Soon Created A Program That Shows Images Of Auto2 Female And Runs Voting On Who Is More Beautiful Than Both Of Them. Voting Is Done By The People Who Visit The Website, That Means The People Who Visited The Website Were The Voters.
A Lot Of People / Traffic Came To This Website In A Very Short Time. Most Of The Traffic On The Site Was Harvard College Students. The Server Was Also Crushed As The Number Of Traffic Increased.
After This Accident, Mark Was Accused Of Hacking Because Mark Had Taken The Photo By Hacking The Database And The Site Mark Had Created Where The Girls Had Voted Was Also Wrong. So For This Mark Was Called To The Committee And All Mark Had To Hear At Some Time, That If It Was Done Wrong Then It Was Wrong If You Did It, But No One Was Saying That Mark Had So Much Smile Has Done The Work Easily In Such A Short Time, So This Intelligence Of Mark Should Be Used.
And Then Now Comes Mark's Biggest Project,  Facebook . Which The Whole World Uses. Mark Had Made Facebook Like His Other Program In A Short Time.
First Divya Narendra Came To Mark With The Idea Of ​​Creating A Social Network Site. Divya Narendra Twins Was The Participant Of Tiler And Cameras Winclavos.

Divya Narendra Had Asked Mark To Create A Social Site Which Would Be Named "Harvard Connection". Mark Accepted To Do The Job After A Private Meeting With Narendra And The Twins Winklevos.
Then It Was While Working On The Same Harvard Connection That Mark Got A Great Idea To Create His Own Social Site.
And In February 2004, Mark Had Registered The Domain Name Of Thefacebook.Com Website, Which Is Now Known As Facebook.Com, In Order To Carry On This Wonderful Idea.
Mark Did This With His Friend Eduardo Saverin. Eduardo Invested In Facebook's Project In Suru.
When There Was 4000 Traffic On Facebook, Mark And His Partner Eduardo Hired A Few More New Programmers That Would Work Well On The Website.
And So Far The Mark Had 503.6 Million Shares. And Now Zuckerberg Controls About 60% Of The Company's Vote, 35% - Eduardo Saverin, And 5% The Rest Of The New Partners.
Since 2005, Facebook Has Become Usable In All Institutions And Universities Across The USA. Mark Believed The Same Thing For His Website Students.
Traffic Started Growing Very Fast On Facebook And As Soon As 50 Million Traffic Was Generated Then A Big Company Yahoo! Offered To Buy Facebook From Mark. First Offer Yahoo! Had Offered $ 900 Million For Facebook. Although It Is A Huge Amount But Mark Did Not Fulfill This Offer.
With This, Facebook Started To Move Very Far And Slowly It Started Being Used In Every Corner Of The World. And Today Facebook Is The Largest Social Site In The Whole World, On Which Every Internet User Account Is Created.
And Also Today Mark Zuckerberg Is One Of The Largest Yongest Billionairs In The World.

And Then Mark Married Her Long-Time Boyfriend Priscilla Chan, California, On May 19, 2012, And Today They Are Very Happy.
I Hope You Have Liked This Success Story Of Mark Zuckerberg In Hindi.

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